Detailed mouse usage statistics


  • Tracks distance and clicks
  • Measures accuracy


  • Stats are not saved between sessions

Not bad

AntiMousing is exactly the kind of application that all fans of absurd statistics Hill find amusing.

This app keeps track of all the movements and clicks you perform with your mouse and displays the information on its interface. You can check how many meters you've run with the mouse and how many clicks you've done so far, both in figures and also as colorful graphs. Sadly the numbers are reset every time you close the program. It would have been great to track these statistics in the long run.

AntiMousing doesn't gather these data for fun. It does have an objective, which is preventing you from performing the so called mouse illegal movements: all those movements you do without taking further action with your mouse, like clicking, dragging or scrolling.

In this sense, AntiMousing is supposed to help you use your mouse in a more productive way – and maybe contribute to avoid RSI as well – but the way I see it, it's just an amusing mouse statistics tool.

With AntiMousing you can see the number of clicks done and meters run with your mouse while trying to use it more accurately.

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User reviews about AntiMousing

  • by Anonymous

    Great measurement tool!.
    This tool measures the speed of your mouse but also your behaviour. Unfortunately there...   More